In early 2017, a group of community members (hi, that’s us below) participated in a workshop hosted by the Institute for Creative Leadership. At the end of the workshop, each student was responsible for creating a project that exhibited the skills learned throughout the class and celebrated the community in which we live. So we teamed up and got to work!

Inspired by a visit to the Richmond Art Museum, we knew that we wanted to focus on our city’s rich art history. Many of us are Richmond natives, but had no idea just how interesting that history was. Did you know that the predecessor to the television was invented right here in our community? Or that a nationally-renowned photographer was murdered on our very own Main Street? This and more we discovered throughout our research.

So we decided to piece together these stories of our past and create a way to experience them today. We hope that you enjoy our Richmond Art Walk and maybe even learn a thing or two about where we live!

Meet the Team

Kelly Amos




Steve Cleaver

Steve is a local writer and author of the award winning novel, Saving Erasmus.  He is the host of the radio show, Leave it to Cleaver on WECI 91.5 FM which airs every Sunday at 7PM. More info can be found on his website at www.stevecleaver.com.



Erica Coulter

Erica is the Development, Marketing and Communications Manager at Girls Inc. of Wayne County. She was born and raised in Richmond, Indiana and LOVES where she lives. Her passion for community and the potential she sees in her hometown are what inspired her to return to Richmond after attending Indiana University Bloomington and to ultimately participate in the Institute for Creative Leadership.

Brandi Jackson


Emily Palmer


Stephanie Wright