Pennsylvania Depot Architecture

900 N. E St.

Welcome to the Historic Depot District! Ever wonder how this area got its name? You’re standing by the building that started it all: the Pennsylvania Railroad Depot.

This building was designed by Daniel Burnham and completed in 1902.  Burnham was a famous architect from the era whose firm is known for designing Union Station in Washington D.C. and The Flatiron building in New York.  The building includes examples of Italianate, Classical Revival, and Chicago School style architecture.

Richmond was an important rail center with the southwestern line of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  At its peak more than 25 passenger trains stopped at the station per day. To keep passengers busy as they waited for their trains, the station also offered a 24 hour restaurant, new racks, and a barbershop.  The railroad ceased operations in 1972.

The building is now the new home of the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County and Better Homes and Gardens First Realty Group. While you’re in the area, check out all of the unique shops that call the Depot District home!