Phantoscope Film Projector

1150 N. A St.

You have now arrived at the Wayne County Historical Museum. While there is a ton to do here (make sure you save some time to see that mummy!), we are here to see the Phantoscope.

The Phantoscope was a film projection machine created by Charles Frances Jenkins in the early 1890s.  This machine was the first projector to allow each still frame to be illuminated long enough before moving on to the next producing a smooth and true moving picture.

He projected the first motion picture to an audience in Richmond, his hometown, on June 6, 1894.  Jenkins was awarded a gold medal from the Franklin Institute for his invention.  He continued improving on the projector and created motion picture cameras which were eventually used for broadcasting to televisions.  Jenkins broadcast the first television pictures and owned the first commercially licensed television station in the United States.